Thursday, 27 July 2017

Mark Safan - Win In The End (Teen Wolf Soundtrack)(1985)

Idle Cure - Feeling the Heat (1986)

Not enough AOR used FM Bass. I'll take it however I can get it.

Labyrinth - Into the Labyrinth (Labyrinth Soundtrack)(1986)

Just a quick note. this track reminds me of Shadowrun for SNES and Flashback for Genesis. Weird.

Sandy Lam - Say No More (1988) (Cantonese remake of Taylor Dayne - Don't Rush Me)

Any excuse I can find to share more Sandy Lam, I will. Love these videos :D But for the purists out there, here is the album version as well, which is more straight forward and less fiddly than this video version. Odd that there was two separate versions.

Device - I've Got No Room For Your Love (1986)

Stanley Clarke Band - Find Out (1985)

Phyllis Nelson - I Like You (1985)

Narada Michael Walden - That's The Way It Is (1985)

Michael McDonald - (I Hang) On Your Every Word (1985)

Deco-Fast Forward (Fast Forward Soundtrack)(1985)

This soundtrack can do no wrong.

Teddy Pendergrass - Never Felt Like Dancin' (1985)

Staple Singers - This Is Our Night (1984)

The very same Mavis Staples from the previous #SummerOfFM track "Mavis Staples - Show Me How It Works".

She has so much character in her voice :)

Brenda K. Starr - What You See Is What You Get (1987)

Bonnie Raitt - Stand Up To The Night (1986)

I had to whip this video up from scratch. this is a weird movie with some pretty depraved themes. It also has some moral and ethical dilemmas about eye for an an eye actions. But most importantly, it starts of with a banger of a track. The intro sequence played this song, but I edited the video to just include the driving sequences, spliced together. I think it just goes really well with the two characters driving at night.